What This Charity Provides

The Open Doors Foundation's mission is to provide rehabilitative therapies through aquatic and physical modalities, as well as to emotionally and financially support families of disabled children and young people with their unique daily life necessities.

The Open Doors Foundation was created on the premise that all families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people should have the same opportunities as others - everyone should have an "open door" to a thriving life, regardless of any physical limitations.

The funding that The Open Doors Foundation has received to date has enabled Paul and co-founder Kris Zielosko to build rehabilitative equipment; to provide aquatic physical therapy, which has provided life-changing movement for those who endure muscular challenges; and to furnish land-based therapies, allowing clients to improve their quality of life, among many other services.

The Impact Of Your Donation

Importantly, the non-profit foundation is funded by donations, but is also self-funded by Paul and Kris; it receives only a small stipend from the Spanish government. Thus, the organization is limited in the services it can provide because of staffing and financial constraints.

Your donation in any amount will provide funding for equipment, additional staffing, and necessary financial support for their clients’ medical needs that are not covered by insurance, enabling Paul and Kris to broaden their services, and to help more families raising children and young people with special needs.

Why We Chose This Charity

When considering what charities to select as recipients of their Honeymoon Walk For Charity - A Million Steps With Love journey, it was important to Nan and David to choose one local charity, to give back to the island that they will call home after their wedding.

Nan met Paul Webb (no relation to David), co-founder of The Open Doors Foundation, while appearing as a guest on a radio show. Nan and David don't believe in coincidences! Paul's passion for - and dedication to - his work, as well as his clients and their families, made it an obvious choice when it came time to pick a Lanzarote charity. This selfless and caring professional needed help!

How To Make A Donation

​To learn more about this wonderful organization, and to donate directly to The Open Doors Foundation, please click HERE.